Rawson is a singer-songwriter with Rock, Funk, R&B, Blues, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop influences. Rawson aka Sean Rawson was born Sean Haythe in Hartford, Conn in a house right across the street from Rawson Elementary School.  He grew up in a household filled with music which seemed to be playing all the time. His mother was a white woman who was a pianist and accomplished at reading sheet music. Sean spent many hours sitting underneath the piano bench listening to his mom play. She loved to play songs from Broadway Musicals, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis and she really loved Elvis. His dad was a black man and though he was not a player of a musical instrument had a really strong love for R&B, Blues and Soul music. He would always play artist like The Spinners, The Manhattans, The Styalistics, The Temptations, The O'Jays, BB King, Bobby 'Blue" Bland, Marvin Gaye and James Brown to name a few. At around the age of 7 Sean began to pluck at the keys of the piano and create little songs of his own.

         After graduating high school at 17 years old Sean decided to skip college and go into showbusiness. His father did not agree with his career choice and after many heated arguments his dad kicked him out of the house. Sean jumped on a bus to NYC and moved in with a girlfriend who bought him his first guitar and amp. He quickly taught himself how to play and began composing a lot of the songs that actually ended up on later recordings. Sean began his career working backup for headlining acts all over the United States and around the world. Sean got his first taste of the sex, drugs and Rock n Roll lifestyle at this time and years went by playing the role of sideman which after awhile started to become discouraging. He wanted to do his own thing and decided he'd cut his teeth enough working for other artist. Sean came off the road and settled back in New York where he began to take his original songs to open mic sessions all over the city to test out his material.

        After about a year of building his confidence in front of live crowds on the open mic scene he began recording his material in different recording studios throughout NYC. It was during these recording sessions that Sean decided to use the name Rawson as his stage name. He also started to put a band together for live show performances and began booking his own gigs. During this time of doing live shows Sean developed a flamboyant stage persona and high energy performance style with dance moves reminiscent at times of James Brown that made for a very powerful and exciting show. The self titled Rawson CD was the first release for Rawson containing 11 original songs. The first single off the CD was the song Everyday and was accompanied with a music video to help promote the album. A small east coast tour was planned and the next few years were spent packing and unpacking the trailer, driving long hours to and from gigs. All the while Sean was still writing and recording in preparation for the follow up to the Rawson CD. With the money not flowing in as planned it was becoming increasingly hard to keep a band together and Sean eventually had to perform solo sets without a band. It seemed the time had come to move on to the next project, so Sean headed back to the studio to begin recording songs for the sophmore release that would be Loveville.

         Released in September 2019 Loveville was a group of songs that were basically demos that were tuned up and put out in order to keep the momentum rolling that seemed to be dwindling due to the inability to afford enough studio time and keep a band together for lack of funds. Sean didn't mind the stripped down recordings and seemed to like the rough, less produced sound. He felt it was more real and heart felt. A video for the first single We All Fall debuted Christmas day 2019. The song and video has a more laid back appeal and speaks about the hardships of life and not always making the best decisions in life but never giving up in the midst of set backs. "We all fall short of the glory of the Lord" was something Sean read in the bible and was the inspiration for this song.

          Rawson is currently in the process of creating a stronger online presence in order get the music out to a wider audience and to build more revenue by selling CD's, digital downloads and other Rawson merchandise. At heart Sean Rawson is an artist. "I'll be making music till the day I die God willing. The music business is such a hard thing to make a living at. It's filled with lots of hardships, emotional struggle and rarely any rewards to show most of the time. You'd have to be either crazy or have such a strong passion for making music to even consider this for a career. I feel blessed to have found out early on that being an artist is my true calling in life, even though I am STILL a struggling artist. My soul is happy and I have peace of mind living what I was meant to be."